DENAA+ business

DENAA+ for trade and public institutions.

The products of the DENAA+ line were specially developed for microscopic cleaning of medical practice and surgeries, offices, shops and commercial areas. DENAA + products support to improve the biological balance of microflora in your work environment by greatly reducing harmful bacteria and pathogens. The outcome: Immune systems of humans and animals benefit and infectious diseases decrease. Every single application improves the end result.

There is a suitable DENAA+ product for all work areas. For treatment couches and tables. For floors. For all surfaces. For glass panes, mirrors and tiles. DENAA+ products are particularly suitable for crowded areas because they create favorable conditions for bacteria. Examples for this are: waiting rooms, wellness areas, bathing establishments, kindergartens, schools, retirement homes, hospitals or animal shelters.

The particular advantage of our Provilan products: They consist of 100% organic ingredients and contain autoactive microorganisms (probiotics). The secret to microscopic cleaning. They optimize the biological balance of the microflora and thus reduce the risk of contracting bacterial infections.

DENAA+ for office and business

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