Provilan. Perfect to eliminate bacteria.

Provilan offers a microbiological hygiene concept which is unique in Europe. Not only is it perfect to improve a healthier environment at home or your work place, during relaxation or sports activities,it can even be used for pets and inanimal agriculture. Nature has shown us the solution to remove resistant and multi-resistant bacteria since time immemorial. This is why we use the power of auto active microorganisms to reliably eliminate bacteria.

Provilan is the result of more than 15 years of research. We all know that cleanness and hygiene benefits our health. But we also know that the long term use of classic hygienecare creates resistant bacteria. Our products offer a perfect alternative to solve this dilemma. Studiesperformed under constant control in hospitals in Luxembourg, Belgium and Italy prove the reliable reduction of the harmful bacteria. Laboratory tests confirm that special Provilan products act as biological protection and eliminate 99% of the bacteria.

Provilan ensures that we can achieve these successes in our direct environment without the use of antibiotic products or chemical disinfectants.

Provilan. The healthier cleanness.
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